CFP Memory an Women’s Studies/Extended deadline

Special Issue Title: Memory and Women’s Studies: between Trauma and Positivity

Proposed deadline: November 15, 2023, send articles to and  

Keywords: trauma studies; feminism; gendered individual/collective memory; processes of reparation/reconciliation/inspiration

We are pleased to announce that submissions are open for the upcoming Special Issue Memory and Women’s Studies: between Trauma and Positivity to be published in the review Literature. The Guest Editors Irene Mizrahi (Boston College) and Claire Sorin (Aix Marseille University, LERMA, Aix-en-Provence) welcome humanities, especially literature, and art articles focusing on how memory and trauma studies have reshaped and been reshaped by women’s and feminist history, art, and literature since the 1990s. Countless research topics fit within the scope of this Special Issue, such as critical overviews of the recent scholarship examining the interactions between memory, trauma, and women’s art and literature; papers examining the relationship between individual and collective gendered memory; the cultural, social, and political valances of portrayals of traumatic experiences produced by women; the dynamic interplay between past and present in local, national, and transnational contexts, and in processes of reparation, reconciliation, or inspiration; debates concerning public places, monuments, and statues as representations of women’s or feminist collective memory; the uses of both implicit and explicit memory in works of art and literature; the dynamics of remembering and forgetting and how this dynamic informs issues of power and hegemony; monologic versus polyphonic and dialogic constructions of memory and the importance of distinguishing between them; new media and its challenges for individual and collective memory. This Special Issue welcomes English-language articles considering a variety of transnational contexts. 

Original research articles and reviews are welcome. Submissions will be peer reviewed and published following “The MDPI Editorial Process”. Guest Editors will conduct the editorial process via the MDPI online Submission System (SuSy), and will accept or reject submissions, ask the authors for revision, or ask for an additional reviewer to read the paper after the peer-review process. 


Literature (ISSN 2410-9789) accepts papers on the literature of all times and places. All kinds of approaches are encouraged, including the perspective of the literature classroom, the hospital, the prison, the therapists office, etc. We will consider relationships between high and low literature” and other forms of story in multimedia, social media, even video games. We are willing to publish more illustrations than other periodicals. However, our focus is on literature per se, relegating theory, other topics, other media, and other disciplines to supporting roles.

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